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Kranen Desutter

In order to further expand the complementary activities, at the beginning of 2006, the Despriet crane company was taken over. Despite the catchy name and the valued expertise, a decision was made to change the name. Kranen Desutter offers mobile cranes up to a capacity of 700 tons for various sectors, such as construction, industry, steel and chemicals.

Alongside carrying out hoisting tasks, Kranen Desutter also specialises in processing and moving all types of machine. With flexible planning and an up-to-date fleet of machinery, it can skilfully anticipate a rapidly changing market.


Destrans was founded in 1996 by the Desutter brothers. The transport company was the 'firstborn' of the Desutter Group and has proved to be a solid basis for the structure that we see today. Hiring out tipper bodies, cranes and site lorries with a targeted specialism in the construction sector is this company's core business.

The young and growing fleet has been engaged for many years for smaller and larger projects in road building, hydraulic and civil engineering.

Ville de Courtrai

Five years after the formation of Destrans, Ville de Courtrai was taken over. With four generations of experience and various national and international concessions, this company is well-known for its flat and exceptional transport.

A wide range of deep-loaders, flat lorries, extendible trailers and supervision vehicles are used for all types of everyday (and exceptional) transport tasks involving machinery, tower-cranes, trusses, bridges, prefab elements and other indivisible components.

Thanks to the wide range and various, corresponding combination options, Ville de Courtrai can always offer the most suitable method of transport, depending on the load.


Desutter Group combines three companies to provide all-in horizontal or vertical transport solutions. Over the years, the robust group structure has been formed by means of a number of strategic takeovers. Before integration, each separate entity had gained vast experience and know-how in its respective area.

This technical expertise played a significant role in the further expansion and refinement of the service package. Many customers recognise the synergy and added value of an all-in offer and consider collaboration with Desutter Group to be a sustainable partnership.

Desutter Group
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